Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let's Move On...shall we?

Dear readers,

This is to inform you that...Stephanie Morris has moved, baby!

No big changes, I'll still be posting the same crap I've been posting all this while. I've just changed the address and the blog title. Felt like I needed to grow up or some shit like that.

Anyways, no more new posts here but I'll be moving here. So come join me and warm up my new home, yah? Btw, I am so very the malas to import and export my posts so I'll probably start from scratch. That's what moving on is all about, right? I won't be deleting this old beauty so you can still read my old posts if you fancy some of them (I know I do, teehee).

Love you guys from the bottom of my heart,


Ridhwan said...

Why I rasa sedih ni? hmmm...

Stephanie Morris said...

why ridhridh?

change not good eh?

Ridhwan said...

i feel that you mcm nak buang baby or something. hahaha...

for the record, change is goooooooood!