Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let's Move On...shall we?

Dear readers,

This is to inform you that...Stephanie Morris has moved, baby!

No big changes, I'll still be posting the same crap I've been posting all this while. I've just changed the address and the blog title. Felt like I needed to grow up or some shit like that.

Anyways, no more new posts here but I'll be moving here. So come join me and warm up my new home, yah? Btw, I am so very the malas to import and export my posts so I'll probably start from scratch. That's what moving on is all about, right? I won't be deleting this old beauty so you can still read my old posts if you fancy some of them (I know I do, teehee).

Love you guys from the bottom of my heart,

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Rose by any other name...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

(Re)Educate Yourself.

I wonder what is it that makes teachers so jaded after 20 years of teaching. I really really wonder what turns them into these (really wrinkly and ugly) monsters. Seriously. I mean, if I am to be a teacher some day, I need to be aware of this "virus" or "disease" that infects bright, optimistic teachers who, 20 years ago, had the dream of educating the youth of the world. To make a difference, to mold young minds, to love and be loved by the millions of hearts that they have touched.

What turns them into Mrs. Tingle? Where do they get off telling us, the people they were 20 years ago, that they have "experience" therefore they can look down on us? Therefore, you're right? Therefore, you're great? Puh-lease. My 10-year old sister has better manners than you do. And that's just sad. It is because of YOU that students find it hard to learn and to appreciate knowledge. Seriously. Go home and wiki "common sense". It wouldn't kill you to have some of that.

And no, I'm not talking about my lecturers. I have GREAT lecturers. These so-called educators will never be the kind of people my lecturers are. Sheesh.

Oh dear God, I hope, I pray that I don't become one of these monsters one day. Even if I do, I WANT my students to tell me that I'm a monster. I WANT them to tell me if I get mean beyond reason and put them down. I WANT my students to keep me grounded.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gelak Pagi-pagi Buta...

Was talking to Kak D before we fell asleep, and somehow we started talking about insects...

KD : Kura-kura pun tanye pada semut...

F : ...kenape kaki kau ade 6?

KD : eh, semut kaki 6 ke?

F : ha la, kan insect kaki ade 6..

KD : bukan 8 ke? tgn 2, kaki 6

F : &^$@#$%^&* (burst out laughing) TANGAN DUA??? mana dtg??

KD : habis tu spider?

F : spider bukan insect, kaki dia 8...

KD : k, Aafin, tido dah pukul 5.....ZzzZZzzzZz

Cilaka punya perempuan, dah buat lawak, pegi tido plak!

Damn you woman! LOL!! LMAO!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Très très passionné...oyh!

Carrie : Well, honey, what have you been eating?
Samantha : Everything except Dante's dick!

Amen, sistah!!!

Gilles Marini has the hottest bod ev-errr...and did you catch that glimpse of his package during that monumental shower scene in the Sex and the City movie? Triple Oyh!!

He also has a wife, and two children...figures.

Be that as it may, hawtness is still hawtness! S.M loves him!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Woman Behind the Music.

That's right, WOMAN. I swear, I'm in Love...

If you've watched MJ's This Is It, you've probably seen her kill on the guitar...

Her name is Orianthi Panagaris, and she is the Goddess of Guitar. ( I just made that up, has a ring to it, don't you think?) Check her out! She's amazing!!

...and she sings too! If you can recall, she sang "We are the World" at MJ's memorial, along with the backup singers from the This Is It tour.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spice Up the Love, Ladies!

Hey..been a while since I posted. Yeah, been busy with all those things you call "assignments" and "finals". I sometimes wonder why they even exist. I swear, education is ruining me.

So, was talking to an old friend the other day and as usual, we started plunging into the deep end of girl talks. She started telling me stories of her sex life and how it was going down the drain. She said "I think the love's gone". So, I sat and listened as she went on and on. I think I almost shed a tear, honestly. Not because they might not love each other anymore, but because she let the sex go sour. Ladies, you NEVER ever ever let the sex go sour.

Men are boneheads when it comes to emotions and feelings during sex, so it is ultimately up to you to keep it hot and sexy! Here's a thing or two you can do...

1. Be Spontaneous.
You know how it is, you're in a relationship for a few years and suddenly everything is a routine. Movies on Friday nights, dinner dates every Monday and Wednesday and the routine love-making every Saturday and Sunday nights. BOH-RING!!
Come on people, where's the excitement? Try this...the next time you're both at home, watching a movie or something. Quietly slip into something uber sexy underneath, couple it with a pair of hooker heels, spritz on some of your irresistible perfume and call him into the bedroom. Yes, a bit of planning is required..but he doesn't need to know that. I find that telling him there's an emergency works wonders. Wait till he finds out that the emergency is his super hawt woman sitting on the bed waiting for him. It'll knock his socks off! amongst other things. Other than that, don't limit yourself to sex at night only, have it in the morning when you've both just got up, have it in the afternoon, at 4am in the morning, wake him up from sleep. The list can go on.

2. Delay.Delay.Delay!!
Delay as in, delay the sex for as long as possible. Spend more time on foreplay. If he can't find it in his thick skull that foreplay is awesome, then you make bloody well sure that he wants to. Kissing, touching, caressing, fondling, oral..the works! This is probably a good time to start semi-dirty talking. Tell him what makes you feel good and what you want/need him to do. Men always feel better when you say you need something, as opposed to wanting something. Remember! It's not just about you, he's in this as well. Ask him what he needs you to do. Ask him if it feels good, ask him if he wants more. Here's a good tip; put on some soothing, sexy music. Continue your foreplay for at least 3 songs, so you'll know you've have at least 15 good minutes of building all that sexual tension.

3. Make Love
What is the difference between making love and having sex? EVERYTHING! Do not let your man get used to having sex for a few minutes until he ejaculates and then it's all over, leaving you with that empty feeling. Train him, that's right, train him to make love. Go slowly but surely. Build it up so that the both of you can orgasm. Mix and match positions so that it does not become routine and boring. Be adventurous. Missionary is all fine and good but let's not colour within the lines so often. Do it doggy-style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl etc etc etc. There are so many things you can do in the bedroom and you don't need a manual for it. Explore your surroundings and just go for it. Got a bed post? Tie him up! Got a couch in your room? Go do it there! Go make love in the bathtub/ jacuzzi/ swimming pool! Stand up, sit down, have him lift you up. Ladies, you've got all the tools, you don't need someone telling you how to use it.

4. Talk about it.
Never tell yourself that it's wrong to talk about sex, especially with your man. Your happiness depends on it. If he doesn't satisfy you, you have the right to tell him. If he says he doesn't care, then he's not the man for you. You, yourself should ask him if he is satisfied in bed. Don't claim that you're the only one doing all the work. He might not be enjoying the sex as well. So you see, talk about it. Don't be shy. Don't tell me you can strip naked and have sex with someone but not have the guts to talk about it.

So ladies, those were just some things you can do to spice it up! Remember, if you're not happy with the sex, take the bull by its horns and deal wit it! Be creative, be wild, be different. We're women, God gave us all the tools, we just need to use them!
Good luck!

Why am I talking about this? Because you're not.

Safe sex always!